Cat Catches Bus To Fish & Chip shop

“The cat, which jumps on the no 331 service in Wolverhampton, has stunned bus drivers who have since nicknamed it Macavity after the secret cat in a T.S. Eliot poem.
Driver Bill Khunkhun, 49, said Macavity caught the bus three times a week and always got on and off at the same spot along the busy route. “As soon as I open the doors he jumps on. He seems to like it,” he said.
Passenger Paul Brennan, 19, said Macavity sat at the front of the bus and waited patiently for the right stop. “It was quite strange at first but now seems normal. He is the perfect passenger. The only problem is he never pays,” Mr Brennan said.

Travel West Midlands, which operates the service, said: “The cat certainly knows how to use buses and is a regular traveller on the 311.”

bus cat


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