Sir Henry Welcome’s Cats

Not only is the Welcome Trust museum a wonderful place to spend an afternoon but it also has a cat collection, this covers; witchcraft, medical cats, lucky cats and mumified cats, in fact all kinds of cats.

Sir Henry Welcome had 2 cats who he dotted on.. “They had a mansion all to themselves next to Regent’s Park in London. Although he didn’t live with them all the time (preferring to stay in a hotel in Portland Place) he was an attentive owner who recognised his cat’s very particular needs.”

I love this about black cats..
“In around 1232, Pope Gregory IX supposedly issued the Vox in Rama condemning a form of devil worshipping. Part of the ritual described included the worship of a diabolical black cat known as the “master”, leading to the vilification of black cats across Western Europe for centuries.”

In other words normal cat behaviour.. worship of the cat…



cat running

L0057378 Amulet brooch in the shape of a black cat, England, 1914-191

“This black cat amulet was said to have been carried for protection and good luck by a British soldier fighting during the First World War”.


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