Freyja In The Garden

Freyja cat


Oldest Rug Made From Cat Hair

cat rug Eygypt

cat picture

At over 2,400 years arguably, oldest rug in the world made from feline hair! Ancient cats could have looked like the Modern Egyptian Mau.

But what would a stolen Egyptian rug containing human remains be without a curse? Sure enough, it’s said that anyone who sets foot carelessly on the rug will die shortly thereafter. While no human being has stepped on it in recent memory, during the last restoration of the rug, a dead cat is rumored to have been found stretched out on the front steps of the museum.

Bakeneko Cat

Looking up Japanese cat woodblock prints, I have come across the giant cat demons and ghost cats: Bakeneko and Nekomata. These huge cats get up to all kind of devilry and the thought of them toying with you, a mere puny human is terrifying!

A Bakeneko can walk on its hind legs, take a humanoid form, enter someone’s dreams, devour people and steal their identities and eat anything, no matter what it is. But there are also faithful and benevolent Bake-neko. The popular Maneki Neko beckoning cat that is supposed to bring good fortune to the storekeeper is a Bakeneko’s doing. A Bakeneko once entered a dream of an impoverished old mistress telling her to manufacture its image in clay in order to bring her wealth. This lucky cat charm has spread all over the world.

They look a little Scottish to me…

bakeneko cats

Here is the Bakeneko festival full of cat costumes and cat cos play.

Cat festival

Nekomata – The Split-Tailed Cat, another cat afterlife demon

One of the most famous accounts of nekomata is the story The Nekomata Fire, which tells the tale of a samurai whose house is taken over by a poltergeist-like haunting that is only ended when the family cat is killed and revealed to have two tails.